Michael Got Spanked

I was about in the 5th grade, and in the front yard of my friend Michael's house. His parents were both working in the yard, and now that I think about it, they were probably a little annoyed about us kids playing while they were working. Michael happened to step into the garden where his mother was working, and she told him to get out. He asked in kid-curious way why stepping on flowers killed them. I was surprised that Michael's father, who was usually a pretty nice dad, ordered him into his room in the house. His father soon went in after him, and from outside we could here three swats delivered and Michael howling. We friends knew that Micheal's father used a paddle for spanking, because his father once brought it to the bus stop, and we assumed he had gotten the paddle. Michael's mother continued to tend the garden quietly and suggested that the rest of us go home. Strictly speaking, I didn't see the spanking, but we knew the whole story.
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Until what age were you spanked by your parents? How did they spank and what was your most memorable spanking?

You say Michael's father once brought a paddle to the bus-stop eh? Did he by chance use it on Michael in front of everyone at the bus-stop the day he brought it with him? I almost figure that he must have, or why would he have brought it. You'll have to tell us about it! :-)