First Time Slippered

When I was 10 my mum got a part-time job. Two or three afternoons a week I would go and play with various neighbours children for an hour after school until my mum was able to get off work and collect me.

One afternoon I was at my classmate Rosemary's house just down the street when we managed to knock a souvenir plate from its hook on the living-room wall. It crashed to the floor and broke. I can't remember quite what we were doing - we were probably thoughtless - but it was certainly accidental. At home I had never been punished for accidents provided I promptly 'fessed-up. So I very bravely went straight to Rosemary's mum in the kitchen and told her what had happened.. I even took most of the blame. I said how sorry we were.

I was surprised and alarmed when she said we would be…

Long story short, she stormed in, surveyed the damage, said we'd been "so naughty", whipped off her house slipper. "Bend over" she told Rosemary. Rosemary hesitated a bit, obviously frozen with embarrassment, but her mum started counting out loud which obviously meant something bad in that house. It was all over in a few seconds. Rosemary grabbed her knees, her mum lifted her school skirt and quickly slippered her quite hard 3 or 4 times on her knickers. It must have hurt, but although Rosemary yelped I was impressed that she didn't cry.

Then her mum turned to me and said "Now you!". Apparently, I was going to be slippered too. I was literally speechless - I really hadn't seen this coming at all. My mum had never spanked any of my friends. Luckily Rosemary had the presence of mind to say quickly "Oh no, Richard never gets spanked. His parents don't approve of it".

Completely untrue, of course, as Rosemary knew. While I had never been slippered, I often earned a spanking. Spankings in our house were never quick affairs, either: my mother believed the humiliation of the full ritual was what made it effective Sent to my room, to wait an age for mum to come up. Standing in front of her, having to keep eye contact, while being lectured. Having to tearfully agree that a smacked bottom was the best way to help me remember not to do it again. Confirming my understanding that although this "might" hurt I was still very loved. Taking down my own trousers and underpants. Shuffling with them round my ankles to climb over mum's knee. Dangling head down. Receiving at least a couple of dozen slow, hard smacks all over my bottom and upper thighs - with more lecturing between smacks - that seemed to last for ever. Pleading, begging, crying (but never screaming unless I wanted it to start all over again). Afterwards, a full five minutes bare-bottom, no-rubbing, hands-on-head corner time to grizzle. An apology. And finally into my PJs (whatever the time of day) for a few hours in bed to cry it off and reflect on my naughtiness.

Nevertheless, Rosemary's quick thinking improvisation sort-of saved the day. Her mum still seemed a bit unsure, so I embroidered Roemary's tale to describe how completely opposed to corporal punishment my liberal parents were and - for good measure - I let slip their low opinion of adults who hit children.

Rosemary's mum, defeated, grumbled a little more at us both to save face but eventually retreated to the kitchen leaving Rosemary and me to an awkward half hour pretending that I hadn't just seen her get slippered on her knickers and that she hadn't just saved me from the same fate or worse.

Needless to say, as soon as my mum appeared to collect me, I was shouting an insincere "Thank you for having me" as Mum required, out of the house and down the path and jogging towards home. I didn't want any doorstep conversations!

It was during the evening meal that the telephone rang. Rosemary's mum, of course. Telling my mum that while she "respected her views on spanking" she "would have heard how naughty Rosemary and Richard were today" and how "I had to slipper Rosemary and it doesn't seem fair if Richard goes unpunished". Or so I gathered later.

That evening was the first time my mother brought a slipper with her to my room. I guessed I was not going to get off with the three or four over clothing that I had escaped earlier. She gave me the full normal quota with her hand, apparently just as a warm-up. Which she followed by a truly agonizing and leisurely six of the best with the slipper on my bare and already stinging bottom. Not, my mother explained, because of the broken plate - "accidents will happen" - but because of my "wicked lies" about her liberality and childrearing methods. And after corner time I was made to write - on threat of more of the same - a tear-stained letter to Rosemary's mum containing not only apologies for my clumsiness and lies but a literally blow-by-blow account of the punishment I had just been given for it.
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Jan 23, 2013