Watching My Sisters Being Spanked

On many occasions when I was living at home I was able to watch my sisters being strapped or caned. Spankings usually happened after dinner as soon as the table was cleared away. Then the ‘candidate’ for an ‘encouragement’ session had to present herself to mother and listen to all her faults being re-explained in full. At this stage we never knew if we were to be caned of strapped. If daddy took us by the elbow and marched us to our room it was surely a good caning to be experienced. If that didn’t happen we simply undressed, from the waist, and lay on the sofa arm and took a thorough dose of the razor strop on our bare bottom cheeks and thighs from mum. If there were 2 or more of us to be ‘encouraged’ the first one undressed and in position took the first strapping. I liked to go first as I always felt better watching my sister (s) being ‘encouraged’ after having had mine. After we had all been spanked we were allowed to gather up our clothing and head to our bedrooms. After a spanking I am always aroused but it is worse if I have had the pleasure of watching a sister being ‘encouraged’.
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Wow razor strap. I never saw my sister get the brush but sure heard her and I was always petrified I would be next, especially if I didn't know why. Would love to chat and share experiences. Do you have yahoo messenger?

I can realte to all of what you wrote I like watching my younger sisters get spanked they are 17 and 14 and I get excited watching it I have spanked my younger sister a few times and I like it lol When I am spanked i don't like the pain and crying but I like thinking about it latter and reliving it I am glad there are other girls like me

"Encouragement" I like it. It was always fun to watch someone else, "encouraged". LOL

Good that you were not alone to get spanked, I'm 14 and I get it weekly. I wish I had siblings it'd be easier to share the spankings. I never get aroused though.

Who spanks you and with what? are you that naughty or do they just like spanking you?

My father spanks me and mom holds my hand. He uses the belt or the cane. I'm not too naughty but during 1 week there is always somthing to spank for. Rarely I don't get anything.

I have been about to reply to your posts for a few days now and here I am at last. I can remember very well my spankings when I was a young teen.Until I was 11it was mums hand and my hairbrush that I was spanked with. At 13 I was introduced to the strap and by the time I was your age I was being caned too. What do you get spanked for and how do your spankings happen.

I get for every naughty things I did during the week - like bad results in school, being mouthy, not doing chores, being late ...
I have to go to the living room naked and daddy spanked me and mom holds my hands

Naked or bare?

What's the difference ? Sorry, I'm not native English.
I meant I have no clothes on.

Naked means no clothes at all.
Bare means on the "target area" is exposed.

Naked then

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As a gal with two younger sisters and strict parents I can relate. Always better to see someone spanked than to GET spanked LOL....but as oldest, I'm always the last one spanked if 2 or all of us are punished together...HATE standing and watching knowing I 'm next!

I've read your stories and will be completely honest with you.

I'm also a believer. Have been since '78. I have a 23 y.o daughter who I haven't spanked in well over 10 years. Good kid. Not perfect but an adult in her own right making her way in the world, living on her own, paying her way. She calls me her 'mentor' which frankly makes me proud. So, I can relate to the roles that you and your family are in to a degree.

You say that after the spanking, you're aroused. That's understandable. I would be concerned if your parents, even your siblings, knew of this. I'm no prude but still, there are real life boundaries and I believe with all due respect that this is that situation. Your thoughts are most welcomed.