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So my cousin was staying with us this month while her parents are away and last night she got a big spanking. Our report cards came in the mail and dad saw my cousin Lucy's bad grades and said if she was her daughter she would spank her but I will anyways. He grabbed her with me watching sat on the couch pulled off his belt pulled down her pants and panties and went to town around 15 swatts he let her up and told her to get the spoon and with every second he counts she will get extra she never ran faster in her life. She came back and dad said she will get 12 extra. After the spamking Lucy went up to our room and my dad said he wanted to "talk" about my grades next.
To Be Continued.....
cantthinkofanyname cantthinkofanyname 13-15, F 4 Responses Oct 3, 2013

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Poor Lucy! How embarrassing! How old was she? I've often dreaded report card time as it could mean my panties down for punishment, even in high school.

That's sick

Did she run to get the spoon with her panties down?

I hope your grades were good

Not as bad as Lucy's but still spanking grades.

Now what would be considered a spanking grade? I recall back in the 4th or 5th Grade, a classmate telling me that a D or less meant the belt on her bare bottom.