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Watching Helplessly From The Start

Ive watched lots of people die in front of me before, but this was the worse one I remember. . .

It was summer, me and my twin sister were going to be going into primary 3, but I was the only one of us who ever finished primary school. We were left alone in the house and we heard noises from the back door, so we crept down the hall to see what it was. Kate was always the braver one of us and she went into the kitchen first.
I stood at the door and I watched her get stabbed, I heard her screams and I did nothing but stand and watch. I was such a coward that I ran back through to the living room and hide underneath the table.
That was one of my most horrible experiences and one of my most vivid memories. Watching my twin die before me.
ImOkayNow ImOkayNow 16-17, F 3 Responses Sep 22, 2011

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My gosh! Who killed her?

DAMNN r you ok?? must be painful to watch.. :o

HOLY **** DUDE IM SORRY!!!!!! damn i hope shes in a better place......damn that sucks :/

Dont be sorry, its not your fault.