I have a desktop computer in my front yard. So sometimes at night i was there outside using it. One midnight i was there on my frontyard using that desktop computer, im chatting someone when i felt someone was there with me. I told to myself that i will pretend and still chat and i'll turn my head down and then i'll looked slowly to my left and then..........i saw someone. A guy and he's wearing a lightblue jeans and white shirt. I didn't get scared. I didn't scream. I'm already used to entities. I didnt look up to see his face. He's not talking. He's not human. He's a demon. There was no one here but me. Demons can imitate and pretend to look like a human being or a ghost. I researched a lot about this. And i talked to someone an expert about this kind of paranormal, he said that its a demon. Everytime i sense a presence but there's no one around i can smell something....... a rotten flesh, sometimes a smell of sulfur inside the house. But that smell dont stay.
yodatheching yodatheching
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014