Sonogram Of My Son And Daughter

Wow! I am speechless. I can't even pull the words together to express the feeling of awe that I have over seeing my babies.

I wasn't there when Wilde had the first sonogram that let her know she was pregnant with twins.  She was concerned about the baby and didn't want to alarm me. What a surprise for her to discover that she was carrying two. It was an even bigger surprise for me.

When we went in later to have another sonogram done the technician asked if we wanted to know the sex of the babies.

We asked how sure she was of their sex and she said so sure that when we look we would be able to tell by ourselves.

Wilde looked at me and smiled and said, "Oh we are having little babyswords. The technician didn't understand the sword connotation. Wilde assumed we were having two boys.

The technician turned the monitor so I could see it and Wilde gasped and put her hand over her mouth and started crying and kept saying, "Wow, oh wow. Thank you God."

I looked at her and the monitor.  The technician pointed to the first baby and said "You have a boy." Then she pointed to the second baby and said, "You have a girl."

I was already holding Wilde's hand and I just started to shake.  Then tears started rolling down my face.  I was in shock.  I looked at Wilde and then looked at the monitor.  There was my son and daughter, clear and plain to see. Wow.

That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

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haha.. wow! i'm so glad i read this story.. Congratulations!!

Thank you.

this is beautiful!...considering i have a twin brother , twins are quite a handful and fun. you two are blessed :) the little ones are surely going to be quite the adorable duo. i just hope you people don't dress them up in identical patterned or textiled not sure if thats what twin loves. love to the lil ones!

Um, ok, thanks, I think.

Aah Speechless. . .I know how that feels. I was the same with my first child and also with my second/last one. Seeing them at the monitor, while the doctor telling stories about my child who was still inside my stomach. Stories of how the baby is well and getting bigger as getting ready for that big day. How I wanted for him not to end, and tell me about my baby.<br />
Again Congratulations for having healthy babies. Thanks for the updates.^^

Thank you LadyRyan.

Congratulations to both you! I can't wait to experience this amazing experience!

Thank you.

Thats beautiful...congratulations...i remember each of my sons truly is a magical experience. I wish you guys an easy labor and two healthy babies.much love xoxo

Thank you very much.

: ) : ) : ) : )

This is a beautiful story, King. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting it. : )

Thank you for commenting Ms. Footies.