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Beautiful Lil' Flower!

Today morning as i was getting down the steps, already getting late, i noticed a tiny, very tiny little yellow flower... I bent down and saw that it was really beautiful. I smiled and winked at it (i felt it could see me, silly huh). Made my day! It gave me a message that just like the lil flower, i too can affect someone's life n make them smile.. :)
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yes u can and we all can

Life is beautiful ;) ....Small small things around us reminds that truth everythime ...We just need to realize it !!

message is beautiful, story is even more beautiful making one see the little tiny flower but winking was so cute.:) thanks for cute share!sunshines~

I dont think you were silly smiling and winking at the flower,I think you were properly tuned in to the beauty around us and were showing appreciation of it :)