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I Ever Seen!!

today i went for shopping, people were too busy in buying items.. i was buying dress at little cabin outside of the shop where other 3 or 4 people were buying dresses and after little time a woman was coming to same cabin and stood on opposite side of me and throughout her movement to cabin a man was following her shoulder to shoulder and in full crowd he was touching his parts fully to woman i thought as if he was her husband thats why woman is willing or silent. but meanwhile i noticed that again man was deliberately touching his front to woman, and woman was busy in looking at dresses. i gazed for all time to man and man noticed me and he left that place... i was really shocked and then went to woman and asked her about man, she denied about relationship with man.......and i was felling bad at innocent woman.............i don't know whether that woman was willing or not. but this really shocked me......... Since then on, that complete scene is clicking in my mind, in a way that man enjoyed in public..... i first time saw a man playing with woman live..................................
farhan955 farhan955 18-21, M Sep 8, 2012

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