I Saw A Woman Who Loved Her Husband

She told me with a smile, "I love my husband, I love my family. But they drive me crazy sometimes!"

They have struggled, victims in this war-torn world we live in, and yet she refused to give up on the man she married. He had changed. This world had created something different inside of him. Forever altered, he would have to re-learn how to move through the tricky paths of socialization.

She has hope for what will be, she no longer worries of what was. She is thankful for the gift of life his presence symbolizes for her and their children.

She is an inspiration. She is a woman who loved her husband enough to let go a little so that he could grow a lot. She is a woman who knew in order to grow, she would have to change with him.
serendipityg1rl serendipityg1rl
36-40, F
Nov 26, 2012