I Saw Something Die

It was a sunny morning. I was preparing for school.
My mother saw something on the window in the abandoned building in front of ours.
There was a small black cat meowing and trying to escape.
We watched it for some time and he wanted to go to the other window what would make him fall probably.
We called for firemen. They arrived and started to put out the ladder but the cat seemed really nervous.
They laughed, maybe they thought it's just a small matter..cause it's just a cat right?..
He got scared and tried to jump to the other window but failed..and I watched it falling down.
Me and mother screamed. I was in shock. I thought to myself that if i had gone there and used a blanket then maybe that cat would fall on it and lived.. maybe we shouldn't have call for firemen if they can't even rescue a kitty..
I am mad at myself that i let that cat die..I have its image imprinted in my mind and it will be with me forever.
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
31-35, F
Jul 11, 2010