Poor Dogs...

This was actually yesterday on my way to the Dr...

I saw the prettiest Chocolate Labs on the side of the road yesterday. They were just standing there. One looking east...One looking west....

I thought how odd...maybe its just the fever making me see things.

I got closer and saw that they were actually stuck together....ya know...

Two things happened simultaneously.. (remember my temp was 104 at the time) I immediately began to cry..like wail...because my heart broke for them. And at the same time I began to laugh hysterically...cause well...they were stuck together and looked so confused and my mind went to that weird place wondering what would it would be like if that happened to humans. Another part of my mind actually said "That kind of **** still happens??" Like its only something that happens when your a child to give you something to gawk at. 

Anyway....If I would have had a water hose, I would have helped them out. 
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4 Responses Dec 23, 2012

Gives new meaning to being tied up in knots.

I think I would have had difficulty not laughing too. Funny stuff.

I love chocolate labs! They are delicious

Imagine playing fetch...only using two sticks and throwing them two different directions...

Super quick response...your fever must be breaking...your reflexes are astounding.

Show off

:-* glad to see that your feeling better luv