The Creative Good Samaritan

You've heard the expression "dead weight?"  I saw a great example of that this morning and I am still laughing about it! 

As I was returning home from driving my son to school, I came round the bend on a busy highway.  On the other side of the road, a man had pulled over his truck and was out in the middle of the road.  I slowed down, not clearly processing what this guy was doing.  He looked like he wanted to bend over and pick something up, but then he stopped himself.  On the road was a opossum playing dead right on the center stripe.  Meanwhile traffic is coming up fast on him in both directions, so he sort of panics and kicks this furry critter like a football towards the side of the road.  He got some good air but the darned thing wouldn't roll.  So the poor beleaguered rescuer kicks the critter again, this time a little further, again with limited results.  He has to kick it about four more times before it is completely off the road.  Whereupon traffic resumes and the rescued little critter snaps out of it, looks up at him quizzically and scampers away seemingly unharmed into the woods...

The image of this loving soul stopping to rescue a frightened critter and having to resort to near violence just cracks me up!   

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5 Responses May 8, 2009

lol! "I'LL save you little fluff!! Now stay still while I kick your ***!!"

I do not blame the man for punting it to get it out of the street......Have ya ever seen those teeth....Mean looking little buggers....Sharp...and lots of them....<br />
<br />
My daughters came face to face with one...(when sneeking back into the house...when they should have been in bed)heheheheheh They never snuck out the back again...They would go out the front...hehehehe

CEL -- I wish I did have a video camera -- it is most incongruous to watch someone punting a opossum! hahahahaha.... <br />
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Widow -- agreed. Wouldn't want him to rescue me either! But it was sweet in a way, and as many wild animals as are killed by cars out here each year, I respect him for risking his life on a four lane, 70-mph highway for the little guy.

Your right thats funny as h--l.I just know I wouldn't want to be rescued by that guy.Very good story!

Terrific story. Too bad you couldnt have got it on video....probably would have been a YouTube top 10.