That Feline.

A cute feline was crossing the road and right in front of my eyes, I saw her got ran over by a taxi. Right in front of my eyes. I had to stop two taxi, because they actually wanted to just drive off but I managed to stop them with the help of my friends and I went to carry that feline close to my heart. She broke her leg but she was still breathing. I was trembling and I didn't know what to do. I continued to hold her close and recite some prayers. I was praying for her to fight the pain and survive but guess what? She died in my arms, right in front of my eyes. She was so cute, with her big eyes. Still remembered how she followed me walking underneath the train tracks. (In Singapore, the tracks are not on the ground.) Weird thing was, she followed me but not the other two of my friends. And what made me feel so sad is because I saw the whole thing, her heartbeat was beating when I held her close but God loves her more so she had to go. I still feel guilty that I couldn't do anything else to save her. But whatever it is, I'm more than sure she's at a better place now. God's arm :)

R.I.P, Orange and White tabby feline <3

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Sep 17, 2009