January 10-11th, 2013!!!

I included the 11th because I met them at midnight so it was the 11th by then. Anyway, I've got forty minutes to write this story so whatever I don't finish or forget to include, I will update it later. I will try to make it as detailed as possible while everything is still fresh in my mind.

Okay, let's start with me arriving in the city where the show was taking place. I walked to the venue and got in line at the Will Call window that hadn't opened yet. While I waited in line with a few others, I started making conversation to pass the time. I was surrounded with a large group of guys and all we talked about was Sum 41 and how many times we've been to this venue, for how many bands, if we ever met the members of Sum 41, how cold it was outside, etc.

Finally, the Will Call window opened. When it was my turn, I flashed my ID and receipt and received my VIP ticket. After I got that, I walked to the front of the venue and saw it was still closed. Unsure of what to do now, I asked one of the security guards in the front (who in the matter of just a few more hours, I'd be on a first name basis with) in the front where VIPs were supposed to go. He told me to get in the line and they'll get it worked out momentarily. I started to walk away when suddenly I heard him call out, "Hey, wait!" I turned around to find the security guard with two guys, all three looking over at me. "The fellows here are VIPs too, they say you're more than welcome to just hang out here with them if you'd like." I did like.

I walked over to the guys and we chatted a bit about Sum 41 as well as other bands. A few people joining our little group of three. A couple minutes later the security guard approached us again to let us know that Sum 41's tour manager and VIP coordinator would be coming out any minute now and to have our IDs out. We did and less than five minutes later, the tour manager comes out and starts asking each of us individually for our IDs as he checked every person's name on the clipboard and gave them back their ID. There was only seven of us including myself so it didn't take long at all.

"Okay, you're all here," the tour manager said. "Follow me."

We followed him until we were barely inside the venue as the security guards slapped a purple wristband on each of our wrists that would serve to identify us as the VIPs of the show. Once we were inside just outside the stage area but inside the venue, he started telling us how it was going to go down:

"The Meet & Greets, the pictures and the autograph signings won't be until after the show. Right now, all you're going to be getting is early entry. The rest of the package will come after the show is over. When it ends, I need you all to come back here at the Merch shop. We're going to sell some of the fans some merchandise from the band and once we've got that done with, I will be coming back here to retrieve you guys and take you backstage (Backstage!) for the Meet & Greets and everything the package came with. So after the show, just come right back here, buy some Merch or just hang out, whatever you choose, and I'll come to get you in a couple of minutes. Just be patient in the meantime. Alright, you're free to enter the venue. Remember, come back here after the show!"

Yeah, I'm guessing by how much he emphasized that we are to meet him in the Merch shop after the show that a lot of fans have a tendency to miss that set of instructions. Anywho, we walk into the venue and take our spots near the railing.  I got the one right in front of the microphone.  :3  A few minutes later, the rest of the fans came in, crowding around us.  

In the meantime, this girl named Kelsey next to me and her boyfriend Rick started making conversation with me until the first of the two upcoming bands, IAmDynamite started playing a couple songs with Cone from Sum 41 as the guest bass pla
yer because their original one died apparently.  Soon, they wrapped up their show and Hunter Valentine took the stage and started playing a couple songs of their own as well.  After that, it was time for Sum 41.

It took them a half hour or so of setting up the stage and the crowd shouting, "Sum 41, Sum 41, Sum 41!" and singing to some of the music playing in the background such as "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock & Roll)" by AC/DC before the bouncers finally started lining up, the stage lights started changing, the red stage fog grew thicker and next thing we know, they were on stage playing!

The crowd went INSANE.  Immediately the mosh pits began and Kelsey and I were getting crushed against the railing.  Soon Deryck called some people on stage and I tried to hang on to Kelsey because in spite of all her advice to me about how to hold on to the railing so no one behind me tries to take my spot, she was struggling and having a harder time than I was even with me holding on to her arm trying to keep her in her place and holding her back from the wild crowd swallowing her whole.  

Eventually, after all the crushing and people crowd surfing behind us and oftentimes landing on our heads, she grew tired and told me that she was getting out and if I wanted to go with her to the back.  I said I'd stay and she signaled to one of the bouncers nearby to pull her out.  I helped by pushing her out a bit and after she was between the railing and the stage, she scurried off.  The big, tall people that were behind her filled the space next to me where she had left it vacant immediately.  That's when things started getting rocky for me too.

Needless to say, it took only a little while after that when I was held in the most awkward position.  I was pressed up against the railing so tightly that I had railing marks in my, er, chest.  I didn't mind that pain though.  It was the way my arms were confined and the fact that the person who was behind me was jumping up and down in spite of their body being pressed so tightly to mine and was slowly pulling down my jeans with all the up and down motions so close to my back.  And with my hands pressed against the railing and unable to be pushed into my sides so I can pull my jeans up, I was just completely helpless to the feel of my jeans sliding down.  At this point, I realized I had two choices:  Stay in my spot and allow the person behind me to pull my jeans and possibly my underwear down and stay that way until after the show when I can pull them back up OR call out to one of the bouncers and have one pull me out so I can spare myself that embarrassment later, even though it means losing my front row spot which, to be quite honest, are actually a nightmare at rock concerts for said reasons.  

You get an amazing view, but it's not like you can take pictures or video with all the swaying and rocking and smashing and crowd surfing landing on your head and/or your camera/phone.  And you can't have your hands occupied anyway; you need them to hold on to that railing for dear life.  People are going to try to violently steal your spot all throughout the show.

I signaled to the bouncer closest to me and he moved people away from me and slid his fingers underneath to grab me by the belt holders of my jeans.  He pulled me up and out from the crowd, the people that were behind me immediately smashing forwards in the empty spot I left and crushing my legs before the bouncer could pull me out completely, trapping my legs among them resulting in the bouncer holding me from the arm pits with my butt near the floor and my legs stuck on the railing, unable to be pulled out with so many people leaning on them, holding them in place.  I was stuck there with my legs trapped looking like a limp doll, I'm sure.  I know, I know.  These things can only happen to me.  XD  Go figure.

After the bouncer that was holding half of my body up couldn't pull me out in spite of him playing what looked like a game of Tug or War between my upper body and the railing that had a vicious hold of my legs, another bouncer interfered and started pushing the crowd back a little in an attempt to be able to free my legs and pull me completely out.  They didn't retreat that much, but it was enough for the bouncer to be able to pull my legs out, dangle them in the air and slowly let them hit the floor, my phone falling out of my pocket during the process.  I quickly picked it up, looked up at Deryck standing right above me while he chucked his chin at me like he did with everyone who landed right underneath him and scurried off.  

I tried to find Kelsey in the back, but instead, wound up finding the big macho guys that were picking people up and helping them crowd surf and just like that...  I wanted to try it too.  I've never tried it before so...  I decided to try it then.

I go up to those guys and have them lift me up, watching other people all around the place crowd surfing too.  God, it was so exhilarating!  Now I knew why the same people kept doing it again and again.  It was a real rush!  It wasn't long before I reached the front and the bouncers pulled me down gracefully.  I glanced at Deryck above me again and again scurried off, this time staying nearby instead of going to the back to do it again when I realized how knows how many minutes later that I was standing next to someone that looked familiar, someone with long black hair and a black hat that I believe I've seen that person wearing many times...  

She turns her face to look to the right of the stage and I gasped.  

There, standing next to me on my left, was Deryck Whibley's ex-wife Avril Lavigne!

Lol, just kidding!  It wasn't Avril Lavigne; it was Ari Cooper.  

For those of you who don't know who she is, that's Deryck Whibley's current model girlfriend.  I wondered how long she had been standing there next to me that for some reason, I just didn't see her.  Considering her height, there's no reason she could have been hard to miss.

She suddenly looked over at me and gave me a small smile.  I was too busy being shocked by how much taller she was in real life than she looks in pictures.  

"Having fun?" she asked, leaning towards me.

"They're great," I say, still slightly shocked to see her there.  I didn't know she went on tour with them.  She was really nice, but for some reason I felt awkward.  Probably has something to do with my crush on Deryck.  I stuck with Ari the rest of the show, not talking much, just standing side by side and maybe commenting here and there.

Twenty minutes later, the concert ended and Ari left my side to go follow the band members backstage and I made my way to the Merch shop, already finding the six other VIPs there before me.  I walked over to the two guys I had waited with for the tour manager and we discussed the show while we waited for the tour manager to come get us.  One of the blond chicks (Lynn) who was buying a shirt walked over and sat next to me on the floor, beginning to make conversation with me and telling me that if I wanted, she could take the pictures of me with Sum 41 after I told her I didn't bring a camera.  

Not long after that, the fans had left the Merch shop, leaving just us seven VIPs alone until finally, the tour manager came to retrieve us.

"Alright, everyone.  Let me see your wristbands," he said.

We all pulled up our sweater or jacket's sleeves to expose the purple wristbands we received earlier to enter the venue.  After making sure we were all there, he led us backstage.  

We finally arrived backstage and the tour manager told us to wait there now and the band would be in to meet us in a little bit.  He walked out and left us with two of the security guards (that were bouncers).  I sat in stool nearby, Lynn taking the one next to me while we continued to chat.  One of the security guards (the one who pulled me out) approached us.  

"Haha, your friend was getting smashed, Lynn," he chuckled, looking over at me.  I guess they were on a first name basis too.  Lynn has been to many shows at this venue.  Lynn looked at me and smiled, going back to her phone.

"What's your name?" the security guard asked me.

"I'm named after a Sum 41 song," I said.



"Cool.  I'm Leo, by the way."

I nodded and he walked away to chat with the other security guard again, leaving me and Lynn alone.  Soon enough, the tour manager came back and said something to the security guards really quickly then walked back out.

The security guards made their way towards us.

"Okay, the band will be coming in any minute now.  Don't hesitate to go up to them and talk to them.  They're cool guys.  There is just one rule:  Don't be crazy fans, we hate them.  Although, I don't think we'll be having a problem with any of you guys.  You all seem pretty chill as of now so I guess that's a good sign."

"Don't worry, we're too tired anyway," a curly, red-headed guy called out from behind me, getting a good chuckle out of all of us in agreement.  It was true.  Even the biggest Sum 41 fanatic would be too tired to lose their **** at the sight of them approaching us at this point, but I guess it happens way too often regardless of exhaustion level for them to feel the need to tell us not to do it.

"I'm sure you are," the security guard said. "Well, that's the only rule.  Don't lose it when they walk in through that door.  Got it?"

"Got it," we all said in unison and went back to our conversations, patiently waiting until finally that door opened and the tour manager entered the room, killing our hopes a little bit until we saw Stevo, Cone, Tom and Deryck coming in from behind him.  The security guards watched us like hawks at first before finally relaxing, seeing that not a single one of us was losing it or on the verge of freaking out.

I expected my heart beat to go slightly nuts after seeing them walk in and start approaching us, but I didn't have much of a reaction aside from a little burst of joy.  I guess I got used to the sight of them after being right underneath Deryck most of the show.

Everybody got up from where they were sitting, walking towards them while I remained in place, observing and just watching for a little while as Stevo shook Lynn's and the curly red-haired guy's hands before he saw me still sitting in place and started to approach me while I got up.

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!  The internal tingling has begun!

"Hey, how are you?" he said, jovially as he extended his hand to shake mine.  I took it, but immediately said, "I like hugs better" surprising myself by how casually I said it.  That put a quick end to the handshake as he instead let go of my hand to close the space between us and lock me in his arms while I stood on tippy toes with him rocking me back and forth a little bit with half of my face pressed against that little nook between every man's neck and shoulder before letting me go.  "Don't be shy," he said, putting his hand behind my back and tugging me towards the group of Cone, Deryck, Tom and the six other VIPs. "Join the party."  I smiled at him as he walked off to greet the other VIPs that were approaching him.

I started walking up to Deryck, all of a sudden feeling shy in spite of feeling alright with Stevo.  Lynn was showing him the Sum 41 tattoo that she had on her back while he nodded saying something.  She eventually walked off to approach Tom and Deryck turned around to find me coming up behind him.
"Hello, how are you?" he said, extending his hand.  I took it and, just like with Stevo, again said, "I like hugs better."  Only it came out much more shyly and more quiet than I expected.  The look on his puzzled face told me he didn't quite catch that.
"I'm sorry, what was that?" he asked, leaning his head close to mine, his ear facing my mouth.  
"I like hugs better," I repeated, now a little bit more casually than the first time.
"Oh!  Then come here..." he said, opening his arms, allowing me into them as he, like Stevo, also rocked me back and forth a little bit, all the while saying, "Lather it on, lather it on..."  Or something along those words.  I'm trying too hard to remember what he said exactly.  I was on another planet at this point, lol.  The only guy I was able to hug out of the four of them without having to stand on tippy toes.  He allowed me to cling to him a few moments more before I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and pulled away.  He smiled at me.
"Did you have a great time?" he asked.
"I'd have to be an alien to be able to say otherwise," I replied, earning a chuckle from him.
"That's good to know," he said. "I saw you at the front.  Your legs got caught?" he added, with a smile.
I think I blushed a little bit because he quickly said, "Oh, don't worry about it.  It was funny.  You'll laugh about it someday.  All that matters is that you're okay," he said, patting my back. "I noticed that you and the girl next to you were getting smashed really bad.  It looked painful.  I was becoming concerned."
"How is your back?" I asked him, deciding against telling him that the pain of getting smashed onto the railing was half of my enjoyment of the night with me being a masochist and that the fact that my jeans were being pulled down when I couldn't do a thing to stop it was what freaked me out and made me decide to seek out.
"Oh, better now, thank you.  For now," he said, smiling.
He looked off to the side and suddenly placed his arm around my neck, pulling me close to him.  I was a bit confused until I saw Lynn was in front of us with her camera phone out preparing to take a picture.  I wrapped my arms around Deryck's waist and held him close while she took the picture.  Then I returned the favor by taking a picture of her with Deryck afterwards.  After that, he went to greet other fans.  Lynn started heading for Stevo.  I started approaching Cone who was now alone as the two VIPs he was previously with had walked off to greet Deryck.  

"Hi," he said, extending his arm to shake my hand.  This time I didn't say I liked hugs better.  I just walked right up to him and hugged him, again tippy toeing and he leaned down a little to hug me back.
"You had fun?" he asked after I pulled away.
"I did," I said.  
"Are you here with friends?"
"I came alone."
"I've been talking to Lynn though," I said, gesturing at her.
"Oh, okay.  Does she live near you?"
"No, she lives here."
"Where do you live?" he asked.
I told him and explained by where it was.  Turns out he likes the area I live in and comes here all the time!  So after that we start discussing what's there to do in the area I live in and we were recommending restaurants to each other.  Then we talked a little bit about the music video for their song "Blood in my Eyes."  It was nice talking to him.  I felt like I was talking to a regular, ordinary guy and not one of the members of my favorite band.  He's a real sweetheart.  

Eventually Lynn approached us and took a picture of us together.  I did the same for her once again.  Then I gave Cone another quick hug and started walking off to go greet the only member I hadn't exchanged a single word with as of yet:  Tom Thacker.  Suddenly, I felt a hand at my shoulder and turned around, coming face to face with him.
"I don't think I've greeted you yet," he said, smiling.  He surprised me by spreading open his arms.  "I've noticed you like hugs better," he said.  I smiled and once again stood on tippy toes, hugging him.  We talked about how tired we were, then I went to go hang out with Deryck and Stevo, who were busting up for some reason I can't determine.  Some inside joke between them, I guess.  I don't know.  I was with Tom.  I didn't see why they were laughing or heard what was said.  I smiled and shrugged at two other VIPs, a puzzled smile on both of their faces as they watched Deryck and Stevo busting up laughing and then looked over at me as if wondering what I knew since I was with them.  Of course, I was as clueless as they were.

The tour manager then announced that it was time to start doing the group shots.  Deryck looked over at me and asked, "Do you want to go first?"  I nodded and let him pull me towards him before he asked, "Don't you want to be in the middle?" after I stopped going any further and sticking by his side.
Only if you could be in the middle with me, I thought, reluctant to leave his side and about to ask him to come to the middle with me since we are the short ones.
"You two are the short ones," Stevo said before I could respond, voicing my very thoughts. "You should both be in the middle."

God bless you, Stevo.

So Stevo and Tom made a gap in the middle for me and Deryck and closed around us while Lynn in front of us prepared to take the picture.  Deryck slid his arm over my neck, Tom sliding his around my waist, while I had my arms on both of their waists.  Lynn took the picture and I did the same for her.  Then the rest of the VIPs got their pictures taken too.

After that, it was time for them to get going so I gave them all a quick hug as well as the other VIPs did too and we started leaving the venue.  I stayed outside to chat with some of the people outside waiting for their rides and watched Sum 41's tour bus longingly in front of me while I called a cab.

Oh, and if you want to see the pictures I mentioned that have been taken, they're in the "concerts" album on my EP.  :)
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Cool :)

I'm sure you'll cherish your bruises til they fade

I don't want to let them fade. I believe in bruise maintenance, remember? Plus, the pain reminds me of how good I had it that night. :) Lol, I can imagine if someone I know in real life saw this comment. They'd have me committed for life, lol. But again, the same can be said for the majority of the texts I send you.

I'm no expert... but I doubt it'd good to punch a bruise..

It isn't... It causes swelling within the interior of the bruise area. Then the bruise leaves & you end up with a weird bump. I'll just press on it or something.

In other words, I doubt it's good to mess with a bruise, :P

But... But... The pain feels so good. :(

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