Crazy Night With the Cops

Okay, last night I was just sitting here chillin on EP, when my daughter came running in the room saying that there were some cops in the alley behind our house and they were shining their flashlights in our backyard!!

So we all run to the window and see many cops in our alley. Some were walking down the alley with their Huge shotguns, while the others slowly creeped up in their patrol cars.

Well, the house directly across from ours is vacant and there is this shed in the back, so the cops go up to it and we see them count down and then they open the door, guns drawn yelling at the guy to "Get Down" and "Put your hands Up!" They finally grab him and pepper spray him good!!

It was crazy! The guy is yelling, the cops are yelling, and he's crying, "I can't see! I can't see!" It was like a scene out of Cops!

They drag him to the cop car and take off. The rest of the cops in that vacant backyard were all high-fiving each other and laughing!!

The scarey thing is, me and my daughter were out there two minutes before that, in our garage. (because I was having a cigarette because I don't smoke in the house)

At the same time we were out there, they were combing the alley looking for this guy, and me and my daughter were completely unaware of any of this at that point!!

That creepy criminal could have been hiding in our garage instead of across the alley! Maybe he was armed!

Where we were at and where the criminal was at is only like 20 yards apart!!! *shiver* That's scary!!!

Thank God they caught him!!

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10 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Actually no. LOL

Lmao Really? Were they drunk?

Hi navyvet, thanks for commenting. Ya, I would have high-fived too! They drug his dumb-*** to the car and hauled him off! LOL<br />
<br />
Thanks WednesdayGirl, we're fine. It was pretty exciting to watch though! It was cold and raining and they slammed him to the ground in a puddle! <br />
Jail is notoriously cold! It sure sucked to be him that night. <br />
While the rest of us got to crawl into our nice warm beds, he had to freeze his *** off on a stiff cot with a bunch of other perps just like him! LOL

I would have high fived too! That perp needed a lesson taught.<br />
The police were actually saying: "Don't come down here messing w/ these good people, we will kick yer butt!"

LOL<br />
Thanks Owlie, I hear ya girl, that was too close for comfort for me too!!!<br />
<br />
That has to suck *** to get pepper sprayed! Haha<br />
I'm glad it wasn't me!

Omg Markie, I had just put on my jacket and was about to go out there (cuz I'm nosey too) until I saw his Big-*** rifle!! <br />
<br />
Ahhhhhh I stayed inside instead! Haha

That was a bit of drama ! I'm glad you all are ok..pepper spray stinks. I saw a similar event in Florida.We were having dinner out in the Florida room..screened in , luckily. Cops, dogs & flashlights in our eyes!! Holy sh**. They chased some person thru our back yard and we never saw him run by. It was fast and furious..we went indoors. Too freaky for me! Glad you stayed safe!!!

Ya, it was pretty crazy! I have lights out there and they were on and we thought we heard someone saying Ma'am, Ma'am! But we couldn't see over the fence!<br />
<br />
It wasn't until we got back inside and looked out the window, that we saw all that go down!<br />
<br />
That mother f%$#*er could very well have tried to hide in our garage! The door was wide open! (not the door you drive through but the one leading to the house!)<br />
<br />
I don't know what he did, but it must have been pretty bad, cuz there were a million cops out there!! LOL

Oh thanks so much DD! <br />
<br />
It was scary! When they were sliding that door open, I could feel the tension in the air! <br />
How they do that everyday is beyond me!!<br />
<br />
Yes, they very well could have saved us from true tradgedy!! <br />
<br />
Who knows if this guy was wired up on Meth or something!! Yikes!

WOW!!! You and your daughter are good and no harm done to you. GREAT+1<br />
<br />
People complain about cops but they could have been shot when they open that door! These guys may have saved you and your daughter from harm.<br />
<br />
Instead, you get to report an adventure! Glad you are all OK...DD