2/25/10 :

I went to the hospital today for my annual checkup .,, was late for my appointment, had to wait for an extra half  hour. I didn't see my usual doctor's asst. ,so i was waiting in line to speak to the  asst. sitting behind the table, when i realized in front of me was someone in yellow about 19 yrs old,she had a a nice body and looking sideways i saw a smile on her face, a cute friendly smile you rarely see on someone these days. I could only glance at her sideways but that was enough to make me happy,but  i rarely show any emotion and i had a blank lifeless expression though i felt real good standing near her. Next i spoke to the asst. present and was asked to wait till my doc's asst. showed up,all this time i was talking i felt she was looking at me from a corner.

I was sitting in the chair facing the people who were crowding around the room,and lucky for me she was still standing  there but with her back against me. I was still yearning to look at her again ,there was something i missed the first time, i felt there ws something special about her,and she was not the usual cute type,who you chance upon now and then.

i was  waiting intently for her to turn around so that i can look at her again but maintaining a casual demeanor at the same time...when she turned around and looked straight at me....I FROZE then  i let out emotion(my friends tease me because i am such a pig head and that i never let out emotion,and that i should loosen up). but this time .i stared and gasped...and I WENT BLANK!!! heart skipped, raced , stopped i had no idea....i went numb... then a second or 2 ..i dont know passed and i quickly looked away lest she frames me as something ..idk.

I was looking away but i could not comprehend what i was facing,i felt my heart beating hard and fast, and then i felt pain ,real pain in the gut, surprisingly hurt...i didn't understand why,

But then i realized that all one can feel IS PAIN when one has seen the most beautiful eyes one will ever see again,and knowing that i will never be with her,the feeling ripped me apart , that face in yellow which will never grace any magazines was the most beautiful face i have ever seen in my life, and she had a perfect body too...but those eyes...

And all i know is that it will take a long time before i get over her.

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Nice to know cheekymiss :) i will def. update if i meet her again,which i highly doubt i will...

Your story touched me deeply. Keep us posted if your heart finds her again!!

thank you Adalissia :)