I Love This Movie

I find Dottie and Kit cute, I like the name Peaches, I like their skirts and I find them cute. I like the music in the movie, I love it all. I watch it all the time and like listening to the music and looking the movie up online. I once did a fanfiction story I never finished and I make fun of Kit in it and all the tam players get tired of her bratty attitude. So they decide if she is going to be acting like a baby, they treat her like on literally. Dottie and Kit are my favorite characters. Kit's hair looks a lot like my choir teacher I had in middle school and high school so when I first saw her in the movie, it reminded me of my choir teacher. I also didn't know the women's baseball league existed until I saw this movie. I even have the uniform and I have worn it for Halloween two years ago and this year. But this time it was complete because I had the hat and last time I didn't. Well I still don't have the cleats.
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I did body work on the buses for that movie and also worked security ! Met all the stars the film was done in my home town at our old restored ballpark where the otters play!