So I watched this movie again, actually this was the third time. I still got the Dances with Wolves meets Disney's Pocahantus feeling and the visuals were still every bit as stunning but this time it did provoke a different thought as well. Actually it is more of a question than a thought.

Does a society based on greed and military dominence ever build ships that can travel light years through space?

I admit watching left me with some doubts.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

The film ( I'm British) is a visual feast. Very pretty and the animals are fascinating, but the plot is thin, to say the least.<br />
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As for the question about ships, you have the answer floating above your head. In time no doubt it would come. Military paranoia would ensure it.

That's a good question! I find that I don't really love this movie at all. Maybe I'm just too cynical.

It has done that to me each time I have watched, although that happens to me often so I can't attribute it to just this movie.