Really Need Some Ideas..

I'am in a difficult situation and I could really use some help.  I divorced my husband in November 2009.  BIG MISTAKE. We started seeing each other around the holidays and then in January started counseling.  The counselor suggested some time apart for healing especially for my spouse.  My husband decided he didn't want to see me at all.  I have tried to reconcile, he says he's not ready to talk.  I'm not even sure what that means for our future.  His parents sent the book and movie to us which I just found out about.  I don't think he even read it.  The counselor recomended it to me last week.  Sunday was Day One.  I don't know how to follow it when I can't even talk to him non the less see him.  I really need some suggestions.. I can't persue him  with him knowing it or he may run away.  We are both Christian's and so is our counselor.  Please help..
hjanet hjanet
Jul 28, 2010