A Few Times

I have it on DVD now.

I like the words you hear at the beginning and near the end.

Q: What are your legs?

A: Springs, steel springs!

Q: What are they gonna do?

A: Hurl me down the track!

Q: How fast can you run?

A: As fast as a leopard!

Q: How fast ARE you gonna run?


Q: Then let's see you do it!

The first time you hear it, it's fairly benign; nothing terrible has happened yet.  Later, when you hear them again... well, it's better if you see it.

I can't say that I've seen a lot of good aussie movies, but this one is really world class.  Good script, good actors, good music (First time that I heard Albinoni's "Adagio in G minor".  Brilliant choice) and, as far as I can tell, good direction.

Koala1964 Koala1964
51-55, M
Feb 13, 2009