Just Finished Watching It

i just finished watching the move of mice and men. It was so sad in the end when curlies wife was killed by lennie. He was just so special in his case that he did not know that you have to be careful with peoples necks. He broke her neck and then he had to run away like a animal . In the end his friend and his only family shot him in the back of the head retelling his favorite story of their dream home with lots and lots of bunny rabbits. I did not mean to spool the movie but i was feeling in a writing mood. I guess in a sense lenny and candy's dog both were in the same in the same situation. They both were useless and more of a bother than helping. I laughed so hard when curly got what he deserved from lenny. It was scary. How a huge man that is so caring of animals and soft things starts breaking a mans hand to the point it is draining with blood.
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Jul 10, 2010