I Like That Movie...

The only thing I think is Mike Myers was miscast as Shrek. I honestly regret that Chris Farley's finished dialogue track was not used.

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4 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I think Mike Myers just doesn't fit being a cynical, loud mouthed ogre. He always seemed more like Wayne Campbell or Austin Powers to me.<br />
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Chris Farley on the other hand...<br />
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I wish I had a copy of that voice track.

I think Mike did a pretty good job but I have to admit imagining Chris Farley in his place is making me grin. I'm pretty sure a Chris Farley voice over would have topped Mike's.

He actually had finished all his dialogue before his death, but they chose to rob us of one last performance from him because they wanted to cash in on sequels.

Nuh uh. <br />
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