I Fantasize About My Wife In A Vampire Role Play Gang bang

My wife is an avid reader of books about vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and the like. She's especially interested in the Laurell K. Hamilton series. Right now, she's re-reading "Incubus Dreams" and listening on audiotape "Cerulean Sins" (she's read the book before. From what she's told me and I've read in online book reviews, those two books are filled with lots of sex involving the main character, Anita Blake, and many of the males in the stories.

This morning, after my wife had gone to work, I began thinking of a role playing situation involving her and the sexual storylines in the books. The more I thought, the more graphic my ideas became. It's my desire to take advantage of her during a vampire role play gang bang.

As I wait for her in the living room, she would walk in wearing a sexy top and mini skirt suitable for hunting vampires - like the Anita Blake character. What my wife doesn't know is, I'll walk up from behind, grab her, slide a blindfold over her eyes and put a collar on her neck.. I'll begin taunting her over why she, a vampire hunter, would walk into a lair full of thirsty and horny vampires.

I'll lead her ot the couch, tie her hands behind her back and pull her blouse aside to show her firm suckable nipples. Of course, I will have a videocamera set up in another part of the room to film everything. With erotic music playing in the background, I'll suck and nipple on her ****, and forcing her to spread her legs to exposure her thong under the skirt. After doing this for a few minutes, I'll change the music and untie her hands. Ordering her to keep the blindfold on, I'll continue to taunt her while bring her hands to her crotch. I'll pull the panties off of her and order her to spread her legs. I'll hand her a vibrator to put on the tip of her **** before sliding it in and another vibrator to tease her ****.......

I'll make her **** herself with the vibrators until it's time for her to service. I'll lead her to the floor to the computer chair where a couple of thick ****** can be found. Again, I'll put on some erotic music and order her to suck off the ***** in the chair. Soon, I'll come in, unzip my pants and open my **** for her to suck as well. I want her to know her attempts of hunting vampires has consequences, and that she will be ********** for it.

After I'm satisfied that she's sucked enough ****, I'll lead her to the bedroom, tie her up to the bedpost and then make her my **** toy. I'll spread her legs wide enough so she will feel me dominating her with my body on top, her neck exposed to my bite and her ***** to my thick ****. I'll back away from her for a few seconds, then get on top of her again as if I was another vampire taking my turn to **** this foolish woman who dared to hunt us. She will be ****** over and over until it's time for the master vampire to unload his teeth into her neck and his *** into her open ****.

You think I'm going too far with this fantasy, or you think my wife will want me to dominate her for thinking she was a vampire hunter?

2112Rush 2112Rush
46-50, M
Jul 11, 2010