It Was Ok ....

Like jodie foster ...... but the original cape fear was better ....

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I don't see how the two are related...

Who,s afraid of Virgina wolf ... lll

i know who he is. sorry to say i havnt seen a single of his movies. but i will. whats your favorite?

Hi L25 ... same hear .... richard burton was my favorite <br />
welsh actor ....

im not big on slasher movies. but i did enjoy sotl. im also a big fan of anthony hopkins

chopper sounds a bit gruesome Gws

if you like silence of the lambs you'll love the movie "chopper" its awesome and all true, its about the life of a guy named chopper reid , you can watch the whole thing on youtube

or the quite man ..... :o)

dull who needs dull whats the point rather watch Its a wonderful life at least one can have a wee cry lol x

It,s the a rather dulll movie Bhaaaad news if you went to see it .....

whats Silence of the lambs where is the sheep?