But That's Another Story...

Another lifetime ago when I was a very young dad... Actually I wasn't yet a dad but I was a brand new "father figure", two little angels insisted that I watch this film called The Neverending Story. Now I was all into them and I accepted their enthusiasm gleefully but I was reluctant at first for back then I was often very hard put to watch a movie that was marketed as a child's / family movie. Perhaps it was because back then I liked to think myself above those things because I was primed not to associate myself with them even though part of me yearned to enjoy them? That's a matter that I may go to the grave not fully understanding, but it did in fact play an important roll in this story. So many shirt tails tugged and puppy dog eyes goggled and I still avoided watching this show, and trust me the eyes of those angels were so enchanting to me, so it was indeed something deep inside me that kept me from submitting first off. Many many times did the small boys magic work, their gleeful voices and cheerful laughter drove me to be a better person and won so many icecreams and trips to the park when they really should have been doing homework or got them out of being grounded sooner than what was probably best for them. So even though I was reluctant, there was only a time before I would give in, and then it happened.

They were so convinced that I would love it and that it was the perfect movie for me. Only being nine and ten it was surprising how they were going at this and wouldn't calm down when I finally gave in and said I would watch it. I of course went along with their childish sensationalism and since I had already said I was going to watch it, went along with their making such a big deal of it. The build up was almost as if I were being brought to an epiphany by two little sprites who had hidden wings and hallows... and horns. They were beaming almost blindingly so and then it came to the moment where it all began.

"Turn around - look at what you see.
In her face the mirror of your dreams.
Make believe on everywhere
get it in the line.
Hidden on the pages is the answer
To a never ending story."

My jaw dropped as I watched the swirling dark clouds in the opening scene and listened to that song. I was trying to figure out how a pop electronic ballad so much to my liking applied to the movie the boys had been telling me about and I turned to the youngest angel in my life, the one who had been most insistent that I see this movie and he had gone from electrified to more reverent than he was at church. I knew he sensed me looking at him, but he didn't look up and smile as he so often does, he just leaned into me and I snuggled him and brought my eyes back to the screen, as if I knew I had better, cause that's what that little messenger from God was directing me to do.

Almost two hours later I was shaking and crying and hugging both boys so hard I think I was hurting them, but it was like they knew it was going to happen and they were both their to support me.

Seeing this movie and the experience with my step-sons brought me to the book, I got my own copy, and that's indeed another story to be told at another time, but it became as important a writ to me as the Holy Bible. Not to put down Heavenly Daddy or anything like that, but I even thought at times that the book and the experience of seeing the movie, and of course the movie itself were more important to me than the Bible, to be honest... They do work well together. ;)

The Neverending Story was my favorite movie for around two decades or more, up until I saw Where The Wild Things Are shortly after it was released in Oct of 2009. When Wild Things ended I was sobbing, part for how I was effected by that movie, but part because a huge chapter in my life had ended, the reign of The Neverending Story being my most favorite movie of all time. I honestly thought it would hold that title for a lifetime, it effected me that much and was that good of a movie. Some may say that it wasn't all that, and maybe it wasnt something that should have been so life altering and such, but then again if you consider the whole experience, if it had been you rather than me, it may be as similar a story as mine, but altogether different and your own.

The story doesn't end there though, oh no... it sure doesn't...

But that's another story, to be told another time.

pisspuppy pisspuppy
46-50, M
May 29, 2012