They Sneak Up On You

I've seen the Northern Lights a few times when I lived in Alaska.  Here are a few more memorable times:

1.  Margarita Night.  It's cold, we're drunk.  We see the Northern Lights and decide to drive up to the top of a nearby mountain to get closer.  We have a gorgeous view of the city, the lights of Anchorage framed by the ocean.  Suddenly, the lights seem like they're right above us.  Purple and red and green (most often you only see green), and I mean bright, violent purple.  The lights seem so close I reach out to touch them.  This is better than any drug I've ever been on, I keep thinking, because this is real.  Violently purple real.

2.  It's the night before the Iditarod.  We drive out to see Hobo Jim perform.  He's a folk singer that specializes in Alaska songs.  He's awesome, check him out.  We drive for hours in the middle of nowhere.  Just as we're convinced we're lost and should turn around, we round a corner and see a bar all lit up.  We spend a few hours in the bar, drinking beer, toasting our favorite mushers, and singing along to some fantastic music.  I have a raging crush on Hobo Jim, with his cowboy hat, twangy guitar, long white beard and sparkling blue eyes.  After singing "I did, I did, I did the Iditarod Trail" for the third time, we pack up to leave.  We drive through the night, racing the snowmobilers home, following the stars, still singing Hobo Jim songs.  We have the sun roof open, staring as the stars rush by.  Suddenly they turn green.  We pull over, pile out into the snow, and lay down to watch the Northern Lights.  We sit and smoke and talk, and watch.  It wasn't that the Northern Lights were so amazing, it was that the whole night was so amazing.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

This sounds incredible. I must go and see this. Nice memories