Dark Deep Misunderstood

I wonder why her character took the position at the concentration camp? Did her relationship with her reader bother her? Was it because he saw her at her previous job and didn't react as she wished? This is a sad film. Mostly about a woman living an unwanted life because she can't read. She's embarassed and is willing to serve a long jail sentence for something she didn't commit because of this embarassment. In the end you think maybe it'll improve, it doesn't. If you're looking for something confusing that doesn't make much sense, from the main character, this is it. Now the co-starring role is much better. It shows how something in his life long ago has profounding effected his point of view for his entire life and thank goodness, in the end this does improve. Ah, something.

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4vrUnique 4vrUnique
Aug 3, 2010