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I loved the movie , I didn't understand it at first , I had no idea that she is hiding her "habit" , it made me cry that the guy remembered her after all these years , no women can understand him even his mom , the law school group teacher was in its place , I liked the passion they were having , the looks they had for each other , and finally the "reading" thing , at the end I understood it is only she cannot read .

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yeah , I still remember that scence she played the tape ,she was surprised and felt panic .

I know! I loved it too. I was kind of frustrated with her though at the end...I mean, don't be so proud and hide that you can't read! I wish she would've asked someone about what it actually said whether that saying that she wrote it. That really broke my heart. It was amazing that she did finally learn to read though when he sent her those tapes. How sweet of him!