Cinco De Mayo

I had to create a new experience group here to tell this story but it was so damn funny I had to write about it here.

The small town I am currently living in puts on several parades a year but I have never seen one like the one I watched two hours ago.My lady and myself were out this morning running some errands and as we started back home the police were diverting traffic.She said to me it must be time for the parade.Since my girl has a hispanic heritage she suggested we find a spot and watch.I found a place to park and we walked a block over to the main street where we sat on the curb.Let me explain here that we have had rain and snow the past two days and the sky looked like it could give us a little more as the procession approached.There was a strong wind blowing and this too would affect the festivities.

Naturally as with most parades there were local politicians and candidates for office and they were first in line.Lots of candy was being thrown at the people on the sidewalks and the kids were having a blast.I said to my girlfriend as the first truck went past carrying a mayoral candidate that this would be the only time that guy comes in first.Next came some girls competing in a beauty pageant,another politician then nothing.I got up to look down the street and seven blocks away was the next piece of the parade.I noticed a commotion in the other dirction and apparently the people that had just passed us did not know where they were supposed to turn and police were trying to reform them.After a start like that it only got worse.

The police seemingly forgot to stop traffic at the part of town where the parade began and we would see a segment of the parade then a few minutes of traffic.To keep this from being too long I'll just list what happened.One man trying to do rope tricks fell of his horse.Another roper walking tripped himself.It began to sleet and people walking in the parade ran into stores along the street.A couple of horses did not like the noise and began rearing.And to make it all complete one truck came along throwing tortillas instead of candy.

I am telling you I have seen better Chinese fire drills.We laughed all the way home. 

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1 Response May 5, 2007

ROFL! That IS hysterical!! The tortilla shells made a grand finale!! The only thing that could have been worse, was letting the horses go first! lol. If you've ever stayed to cross the road AFTER a parade, you know what I mean! Critters that big shouldn't get to eat 12 hrs. before a parade!! lol