The Boy In Striped Pajamas

  • This is a film that left me stunned, mainly the gripping climax. You are bound to think of Life is Beautiful.

  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a film directed by Mark Herman based on the novel by Irish author John Boyne. The story happens in Wrodl War II Germany revolving around an SS officer's family of a wife, a girl and a boy. They come to live near an extermination camp but they think farmers live there. When smoke rises from a tall chimney they are told rubbish is being burnt there. The boy strikes a friendship with a Jew boy inside the camp. What happens later is to watched and I would be giving spoilers if I say what happens at the end. That would kill the interest of anyone who wants to watch it.

  • Certainly a must watch.

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4 Responses Oct 5, 2010

Actually I wasn't sad at the end. Even though his ignorance (just like his young friend) is what brought him to his fate, he was so unhappy with his family who did little to consider his mental needs. I thought of the young jewish boy, he didn't have to experience it alone. As far as the german boy's family, especially his father, who tried to brainwash his children with lies, finally understood the pain the jewish families had experienced over and over.

In a way what you say it true. A taste of his own medicine. The German boy was also not at home with his family. True

I haven't dare watch this film cos get the jist and know it would break my heart!

after all it is a movie, you should watch it :)

sure tornwing, glad you liked it.

thanks Forever, felt sad a long time after watching the film.