King's Speech -- Fit For Kings



  • First, hats off to Director Tom Hooper, and actors Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Tom Hooper has brought out the best from the actors and others.

  • Going by the title, one is bound to think the film would be full of royal speeches. But not so.

  • Colin Firth as King George VI with a speech impediment, Rush as an unorthodox speech therapist and Helena Bonham Carter as  Queen Elizabeth fit their roles well. Colin Firth who is unable to deliver speeches is taken by his wife to Rush for therapy. The friendship between the two and how Firth delivers a speech as the World War II begins is worth watching. 

  • Firth with his stammer, anger and his breaking down comes across more as a man with whom anyone the world over could identify rather than a king with his sycophants and his authority. His impediment could be common among most of us who have stage or mike fright. The films popularity owes mainly to the depiction of the king as a man with a problem.

  • The producers thought the film would be a hit only in the UK because of the Royals, but surprisingly it is a world wide hit. Anyone, especially school children should see this movies as well as teachers who should learn from Rush as to how not to 'rush' them into learning but allow them to gently learn.

  • David Seidler, the writer, has done such a wonderful job that there is not a dull moment. Much can be said about the costume and the music, but one has to see it to love it.

  • Well, seeing the good response to the film from both the audience and the critics alike and the number of awards it has won, I am sure the Oscar table will treat the movie like a King!

lonelycloud36 lonelycloud36
41-45, M
Feb 10, 2011