Source Code: Parallel Reality

This film reminds one of the recent Inception but many people compare it to Moon by the Director of this film, Duncan Jones. Since I haven't seen Moon, I prefer to say it is like Inception in that it deals with the mind, consciousness etc.
Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a soldier who wakes up as another man on a train that blows up. He is sent again again into the train to find out who planted the bomb as the perpetrator is planning to bomb more trains. He finds the culprit and prevents further loss of lives.
That Gyllenhaal is dead and only his brain is alive comes as a surprise midway. A dead man's consciousness works for eight minutes and using this window he is kept alive and sent into another person's mind. The person's compatibility with the other person matters much, the rest is too technical. But the concept is interesting. 
Michelle Monaghan as a passenger who assists Jake and Vera Farmiga as a handler do their limited roles well.
But the end is confusing as we take it that Jake and Michelle are living in a parallel reality even as his body is lying somewhere in an undiclosed location.
Interesting if you like science fiction.

lonelycloud36 lonelycloud36
41-45, M
Jun 24, 2011