My Trip To Titanic

It all started when I finally developed my abilities. The first thing I did was teleport my self to my Long Distant ExGf all the way in the UK. It's been months since I've been watching over her, I've saved her countless times. So one night she put her self in danger knowing I would be there for her. As she tried to jump of a building I jumped just in time to teleport her back to her house. Her face bloomed when she realized it was me all along. After that we saw each other everyday, I took her all over the world from Egypt to South Africa to China to Russia Europe and so on.
She introduced me to her parents and we became very close, with her by my side my I grew stronger, she was my weakness and my strength. We hardly saw each other because I had to take the role of saving the world from wars and other dangers. After countless request send to the spirit in the spirit world, they finally have me the ability o time travel. The first thing I wanted to do was take my Girl friend Molly back in time to Titanic. So we went back in time as soon as she got home. When we got to Titanic we got there before the sinking, we enjoyed one day on the ship like it were a romantic fantasy. But all that changed when I remembered the ship would sink. I ran to the captain, I knew he knew the ship would go down. He took part in sinking the ship, I gave him a vision of what's to come and he quickly tried to have the ship turned but he wouldn't listen. When the ship began to sink into the Atlantic, he hold my hands and told me to forgive him and that he wanted to go down with the ship. I told him nothing and I tried to teleport the lower class people on deck. When it got to the point where I could t take anyone up I took Molly and we time traveled back to the future 2mins after we time travels to titanic. For days Molly fell guilty, she begged me to go back and stop the ship. I did nothing But comfort her.
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I assume this is just a story you wrote, right? If not, you need some serious help....