Traumatised Me!!

Unfortunately, I was around 9 when I saw this and was forever traumatised, I really wasn't paying any attention to the love element at all. I was too horrified by a ship sinking. I recently have watched it again and found it alot more enjoyable to watch.

Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
4 Responses Nov 29, 2007

If you want....

I watched it with some mates, this guy had actually traded his Little Mermaid video for it. Slightly scared....

ROFL, Hip! Lu, the graphic terrors traumatized me, too! And I was in my mid 20's! The thought that SOMEONE suffered through such an unnecessary tragedy! And the sound effects... if you watched it at the theatre! The creeking, rocking noises made by the ship in it's final hours... Brrrrrrr! I got heebee jeebees now! :O

I had nightmares :)