I wasnt sure if i would like this movie or's not really in my category to watch...but i went and saw it anyway and it turned out to be a really great movie and i enjoyed it had great graphic's and sound effects in it...
Pinky38 Pinky38
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2007

I am surprised because difficult for me to understand how can anyone who doesn't like such actions and plots in the stories can get entertainment via watching such hypothetical imaginations ( although agrred that it's visuallalisation is really amazing especially from the pov of spescial effects as well as it's superb stunts)... I think this was a grat movie but not for every1...

Yeah, the DVD should be great to watch. Hopefully they have at least *some* making of specials to drool over!

Ahh I agree.. it was fantastic. I can't wait till it comes out on dvd

I agree, the technical side was superb. Bizarrely, I often found myself *trying* to see how it wasn't real, but couldn't! I mean, obviously they didn't actually have giant robot actors, and stunt robots, but the effects were seamless!