I Saw It Yes

I was very nostalgic about this when I heard It was coming out and showed up on the opening night. It was a good movie but at times I would say the action was too cluttered.


Certain action sequences had just a little too much in the frame


If you have seen the trailer for the second one you might notice the same in it

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Transformers is the only movie that I find that Josh Duhamel even remotely attractive. Just thought I'd add that.

I'm getting up the energy to type out my BSG rant in that group soon. I wanted to get it all watched where I had no doubt as to the outcome of the series. Etherbunny (a friend of mine) is going to be doing the same thing. I made the mistake of recommending BSG back in season 2 and he now blames me for making him watch it.

Oh I'm not mad no problem

yes the first two seasons of BSG were fine and in fact good. Start watching season 3 and you can almost hear the writers saying "Oh **** now what?" By season four the show lost any focus lost any purpose and makes NO sense... the perfect quote for the last behind the scenes specail has Moore saying "It's about the characters Stupid" Which is just what I have been saying they lost the focus the stuff did not make sense and even Moore said to hell with trying to fix it and very little was resolved. As for Transformers I liked it for the reasons I said I watched the show as a kid and was very nostalgic. The plot had it's problems but I put a lot of that to the side.

true it was a Michael Bay film

Totally agree.<br />
<br />
It made you dizzy trying to keep up at times lol<br />
<br />
But overall, I thought the special effects were breathtaking! The Transformers never looked that cool when we were kids lol<br />
<br />
It was so ~*GrOoVy~* seeing all of those same Transformer characters I grew up watching in their new live action CGI forms :-)