The Best Worst Movie....ever!!!!!!

You have to see Troll 2!!! It's full of alot of bad acting. Anyway, a friend of mine plays the dad in the movie. His character is Michael Waits. It's becoming a cult classic with the college crowd. Go to to become a goblin. If you go to the site vote for "Michael Waits". If you've seen the movie please comment good or bad. I'm sure it will be bad! lol

Tarkus Tarkus
46-50, M
1 Response May 6, 2007

it was bad ... it was SOOOOOOOO bad! <br />
or good <br />
it was the best film i've ever seen <br />
"do you like corn?" "i like popcorn" "all we have to do is heat it up!" <br />
<br />
[insert rompage scene here] <br />
<br />
"no more popcorn"<br />
"nilbog, ... its goblin spelled backwards" <br />
i also love the originality of the name "troll 2" seing as it is niether related to the first, equally terrable film, nor is it about trolls! <br />
<br />
this film made my eyes rain<br />
<br />
it made my life worth living again <br />
<br />
and <br />
<br />
it <br />
<br />
it was<br />
<br />