Watched It a Few Times Now.. Lol

watched it on dvd again.. It's actually is really funny.. Is it bad acting on Kirsten's part or bella's depressed? psychotic even.. through my eyes she behaves the same way when I'm normal and when I'm having my psychotic episodes.. I actually gawked more at the things I see and touch my forehead when I think there's information overload. Edward's pissed that he's in love with a delusional girl.. lolz That's how people around me sees it.. (lucky me.. I don't have anyone yet. would he beahve the same way??) I got a movie I can relate to.. great..

[I wrote this story during my schizophrenic relapse.. everything relates to me.. even the news.. So I've been deleting crap I wrote on EP and I just couldn't delete this one cause it's my biggest delusion.. having an affair with edward look alike.. lmao and it is still vivid in my memory.. I don't have the heart to forget it either.. It seems so real..]

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bulls eye.. I'm a book fan though.. yet I keep going to see the movie.. (sigh)

It's comical.. I swear she's major depressed to wish that.. lol

I dont know If I'm going to watch it.. I'll probably pass out from laughing..

I'm so addicted to twilight and now on the 4th book. The next movie New Moon comes out Nov 20th yeahhh

i just just couldnt d the whole sparkly wish we were vampires that only go to school on cloudy days