I Prefer the 1953 Version of the Movie.

Even though its now very dated (no life on Mars that we know of) its still I think a much better movie.Why would aliens plant tripods in the ground and wait millions of years to start a war.In the old version,they stuck closely to the orginal story by H.G. Wells.Only they didnt use tripods in the old movie.They moved on magnetic beams.And they had shields to protect them from nuclear blasts.And in the old movie they also had some wierd weapon besides the heat ray.As a side note the sound of those weapons was used on the old Star Trek for photon torpedos.And whoever came up with the Martians had quite an imagination.With the one single eye and all


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I loved the old one I have it on audio cd but still can't listen to it at nights

that is a Great Movie,,, I didn't care for the new version. The old one seemed more scary, to me at least. Just goes to show,, better effects don't always mean better movie!!