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Citizens Army Training

when i was in high school, i joined this club. the Naval Officers Training Course - Citizens Army Training when i was in third year.
this was the best part of my high school. even though i have body aches from time to time due to the Navy dozens (push-up, bombers, etc.)
it was fun. 

i usually have bruises from the punch my senior officers gave us, usually in the upper arm. then i need to hide it from our teachers.
its not some fraternity or gang though. i heard that before, my parents told me, everyone are required to undergone this training in case of war.
but seems like there would be no more war here in the Philippines.  my parents told me that they even had harder training than mine.

anyway, i graduated as S1 intelligence officer in the summer and turning to fourth year high school. but sad to say i only did my duty for 2 months. 
i cant continue because i just cant work with people i cant seem to go along with. all of are friends but me being a loner cant seem to go along.
jalybry jalybry 18-21 Nov 18, 2010

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