this is really sad. and i wouldn't have believed anyone actually thought this if i hadn't heard it myself the other day. (the dumbass' identity is being protected). this group is a cause that precedes me. but it's an experience that reflects other astounding ideas that people STILL have about africa, and so i thought we could talk about them here...now excuse me, i gotta go feed my lion...hahaha. bf.
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It's amazing the lack of basic geographical knowledge that some people have. I am in Australia and heard a story from a friend who went to the US recently. She was talking to a group of people about Christmas. They didn't believe her when she said "We have Christmas in the middle of summer, because our seasons are the opposite to yours."

You go my sister,Ignorance is bliss I guess+ you know about your place of orign.LM XX

that's excellent. thank you. yes you are right. south africa is only one part of africa. i sometimes need to remember that too. haha. so thanks for ur comment. and for getting my lion joke. i was starting to worry that people thought i was being serious. lol. bf.

A few years ago I was substitute teaching and the teacher for whom I subbed left a worksheet for her students to do. I did not allow the students to do the sheet. I never let them see it. It was a geography worksheet that refered to Africa as a Country.<br />
I left a note to the teacher explaining why I would not allow this type of misinformation to enter the children's heads. I never heard from that teacher again -- she would not talk with me.<br />
Africa had 54 countries last I checked, but the politics are fluid in areas so it could be more or less. There is no singular African culture, nor a defining Aftican culture. The continent is vast and the lions are getting fewer, so I do appreciate that you are feeding them, and thank you for feeding such a thoughtful idea. AND to some of the other people who wrote stories about South Africa, that is well and good, but, Africa is more than South Africa even with the World Cup coming there.