i don't know why but it feels like we've turned into a society that enjoys being mentally ill. on the one hand i think it's great that we're normalizing very difficult disorders like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and others. but normalizing them doesn't mean that everyone should all of a sudden be diagnosed that way. i don't think it's cool to say you're bipolar just because you have good and bad days. i actually blame psychiatry which has this desperate urge to understand everything by categorizing it. i know that a label helps people name the issue. i fully respect that. it can be illuminating to know that u have something that has a name for it. but there just seems to be a dangerous trend to want to call ourselves names just for the sake of it. i had to study the DSM and i hated it. its value in my psychology classes was over rated. i don't argue that it's helped give a voice to very serious and life threatening mental disorders. but it's not a treatment manual. if i ever become the therapist i hope to be, i will have no place for it in my therapy. if i become the teacher i hope to be, i won't make it a bible for my students. because these labels don't explain the human experience of the illness. the label doesn't fit everyone in the same way that the dress doesn't come in everyone's
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Thank you! :)

It seems to me like some disorders in the DSM, so called, are just personality traits. Like being a contrary child or just an anti-social adult. You make some good points. I've been diagnosed bipolar but I haven't had any symptoms for years. Sometimes I think I have no use for this definition of me. Oh, it was certainly true in the past, but I may have progressed to "normalcy" and may never have symptoms again, for all I know.

Well for me being diagnosed was just a very long and very drawn out plan to make me defective to the rest of this planet,,,which makes me a fool to many,,,but its all good,,,my time is coming,,,and I won't be laughed at than,,,lol,,,I hate being weired ok,,,,and I don't need that feel sorry for me kind of love,,,I need people to be real,,,,my family all think I am ill,,,and in my mind it is them that is ill because they don't see nor hear what I do,,,,I have been mental since my early 20's,,,should have been getting a check way back than,,,but I refused to believe that anything was wrong with me,,,,I am going to school to be of some help to others who have my same disorder,,,because I really believe that I can help others,,,no one knows what is really going on,,,they just give you pill to shut you up about what you see and hear that they don't,,,,well I think that they are really not help any one but the ones who make all of these pills,,,that really don't take it away they just numb it and numb my brian,,,I do believe that alot of people are helped with the meds,,,but no one really wants to hear whats going on in their heads,,,they just want you to relize its not real,,,but come on how do they know its not real?? well anyway,,,I live with my self just fine,,,and no one around me gives me petiy,,,Love and Light Mary

This is a new one, I didn't know people were saying they had a mental disorder coz they thought it was trendy. It most certainly isn't, I face negativity, discrimination for what I suffer with. Thats actually quite sick but hey, alot of it is down to the media and the public's impressionable minds. It was like recently its become a fashion statement to be bisexual and now all the fakers are hiding their heads in shame.<br />
I have noticed more and more people announcing they have bipolar and OCD, and when they say what they are suffering with, its not even worth batting an eyelid, we all have minor obsessions and desires to have things orderly/neat but that doesn't mean they have full blown OCD etc. I do think also, that the media etc, have turned alot of people into hypocondriacs, so if there is something slightly wrong with us, we think its alot worse and needs attention. I can guarantee, if you put half of these overreacting people in a mentalhealth facilty, they would seriously think about themselves.

well said. that's exactly it. and of course, the screwed up, intellectually clumsy world that we call hollywood is responsible for most of that social hunger to be psychotic and on medication. bf.

I agree - especially that the name cannot possibly explain the disorder's experience & that a label doesn't fit everyone.<br />
<br />
It seems like these labels are just handed out as quickly as possible - which can lead to misdiagnosis and possibly wrong treatment. It also seems that people labeling themselves, especially in Hollywood, has become a recent trend - and instead of a problem that needs treatment, it's becoming an excuse to explain someone's behavior (and not really help them)

"instead of a problem that needs treatment, it's becoming an excuse to explain someone's behavior ", wow nat, very well said, I COMPLETELY agree. Of course that's not for all, but it's all too many! It is used as an excuse too often these days to escape accountability for one's actions against another.