I'm Proud Hes My Dad

 I was reading some stories yesterday about parents and i wanted to write something but yet i never can say how exactly proud i am for knowing Ap.I always try to write but i cant thank him enough..I ve learnt so many things from him,i respect and look up to him.I think he has too much patience with me=/ but i try to not make him worry and i try for many things.I remember one word he said ''proud'',proud for me..He cares like a true dad-he is a true dad.Hes funny -unfortunately jhv(ep pet) bites him a lot heh.I wish all dad's were like him. Who said biological fathers are only true fathers?I know Ap is true for me,a real dad.Maybe i didn know him since i was a kid,but i admire him n wish i was like him somehow.He cares bout others and kids,he would never hurt a kid.He never laughs at me but think he tries more to understand.The time he spends talking..i just wish i could thank him enough coz idk how can i thank him ..yeah now i can say like some kids that my dad that hes my hero -which he is.I wish he always stay here


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hi hanna ,yes hes very good..

AP is a funny, warm-hearted and wise soul. Good to know he's taken you under his wings.


has a heart like urs june*

LOL I like AP's comment: emotional, hahahaha.. Yes, he's very funny and warm-hearted. Sometimes I think his heart is much too big :)

many listenup*:)

:) <br />
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umm yeah i know..hugs

I agree with * c8lorraine* :)

umm yeah..

yes he is 'proud'',proud to u..He cares like a true dad-he is a true dad

yeah..hugs lorraine*

Amy all you need to do to thank him is to be healthy and happy.... this is what he wants for you<br />
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hugssssssssssss<br />

thanku..<br />

thanku eyeno..i really wish i could thank ap so much but don know how