Then What

Ask why and hope for an answer... but will it be what you want to here? Or worse, it could be what you want to hear but still a lie. I guess it depends on what the topic is... if my children ask why I do try to answer the best that I can. Of course if it's something like "Why do we have to go there" then the "Because I said so" answer come in. LOL



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3 Responses Oct 14, 2007

I have driven with 3 children in my vehicle at various ages. Having spent most of my youth as a Nanny besides my full time job for an ungrateful set of parents I know whereof I speak despite not being a biological mother to any offspring! Don't underestimate them, ignore them or dismiss what is important to them unless that is how you want them to relate to you. <br />
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I say why can't the answer they want to hear be the truth as well?

Until you are driving with a teen in the passenger seat texting her friends while singing "Crank that soilder boy", a toddler behind you pulling your ponytail through the headrest and a baby pissed off because she wants a bottle. At that point the fact that I don't run is enough.

I think children are intelligent enough to deserve a respectful answer to all their inquiries.