It's Just A Thing

For all the years of my life growing up I have never said ant when referring to my mom's sisters.

I guess I am just one of those people and now that I have brought it to your attention, you will probably notice how many people say ant instead of aunt now also.
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1 Response Jan 31, 2011

I always say aunt, never ant because I'm Chinese and all those movies from Hong Kong always say "aunt-ie", never "ant-ie". My mother's sister is my aunt, not my "ant". She's not from a colony of insects, she's a human being. Those people who pronounce it wrong just went along with what's never correct in the first place. Aunt is of Scandinavian origin. The Norwegian Bokmal pronunciation of "aunt" is "tante", which is pronounced "tahn-tuh", if you take off the initial t, and pronounce it like in Norwegian Bokmal, then it'll sound similar to "aunt" in American English, at least.