This Could Potentially Be A Naughty Group. Wasn't Mean To Be Though O.o

I just love this song, had to create a group for it.

Pretty much on point with how i'm feeling.

I remember listening to this song as a child and now, the lyrics are significant, raw and real.

Here 'tis the Spanish & English lyrics my epeeps, obviously the English ones are gonna be kinda crappy, and not fully conveying the song, but eh, oh wellz.

Spanish lyrics:
Yo sé que tienes un nuevo amor
Sin embargo te deseo lo mejor
Si en mí no encontraste felicidad
Tal vez alguien más te la dará

Como la flor (como la flor)
Con tanto amor (con tanto amor)
Me diste tú
Se marchitó
Me marcho hoy
Yo sé perder
Pero ay...
Cómo me duele
Cómo me duele

Si vieras como duele perder tu amor
Con tu adiós te llevas mi corazón
No sé si peuda volver a amar
Porque te di todo el amor que pude dar


Like the flower (English lyrics):
I know that you have a new love
I wish you the best
If in me you didn't find
This time somebody else will give it to you


Like the flower
With so much love
You gave to me
It withered
I leave today
I know how to lose
Oh, how it hurts me
Oh, how it hurts me

If you would see how it hurts me to lose your love
With your goodbye you take my heart
I don't know if I can love again
Because I gave you all the love that I could give

Repeat Chorus 2x
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
May 5, 2012