Dress Like Your Female Boss (I Like That)

SKIRTS! Oh my, yes!

All the various styles, colors, lengths of skirts will speak volumes about your ability to do your job.

Looking professional.

They can and do speak to the person. Not dressing too sexy, too sloppy, too trendy or too cute and stay away from short skirts. This can go along way to showing that you are a professional.

I would wear skirts, nylons and heels with a pretty blouse to top to work every day and never complain.

Josie06 Josie06
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6 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Josie, were I just starting out as a young person, just getting hired, wearing clothes similar to my female boss would be just the ticket. A most wonderful thing to do. Depending on the boss it just might work well.

josie i love your spirit and thank you rock

I want to wear a nice short summer-dress (maybe with a patterned black pantyhose underneath) and go shopping soon in my local grocery store, where I go shopping every day!<br />
I hope, a pretty girl will have a glimpse at my legs and smile at me, and maybe she starts a nice conversation, and maybe she wraps her arms around me and kiss me in the middle of the store. Uuuuh, that would be great... ;)

Dream on Man. Who do you think you are a strange beautiful looking Girl or Woman wrap her arms around you and kiss you you are liveng in a dream world. Do you want the poor Girl/Woman arrested for sexual assault.

Of course not!
I know that's only a dream. It would surprise me if my dream come true, but on the other hand: who knows?

I wear A-line knee lenght skirts or just above the knee. I no longer wear pants of any kind. With the upcoming winter season I am buying winter weight tights. The Sheeer Energy tights help stimulate the legs without being bulky, but to each their own.

I'd love to wear skirts especially in the warmer months of the year. I'd also like to wear leggings and a just above the knee dress and a pair of ancle boots a lot of the ladies are wearing now. WE need to launce a national campaign to say that it's acceptable for men to wear skirts AND not call them KILTS or some UNbiforcated GArment. I'm retired I'd like to wear A skirt too.

Males should be allowed to wear skirts to work, but should also be able to wear them while at play.<br />
Why should women only be allowed to be comfortable. I do agree that skirts at work should be of a sort that doesn't detract from the workplace. Men should not wear mini-skirts to work or the FORM-FITTED skirts. The only other exception should be the type of job the guy is doing. Naturally a male welder should not, to big a risk of burns. Those men who work in offices, no problem, those who are allowed to wear shorts on the job, no problem.