Love Skirts

I think it would be Heaven on earth if somehow all pants just disappeared and there was only skirts and dresses to wear. I would be in a fantastic dream, choosing witch skirt to wear for each day of the rest of my life. I think skirts are the most comfortable thing that I could possibly wear over my panties and I wish that I could wear them 24/7. I really love them and the feelings they create as they are swishing back and forth across my legs and rear. I love to feel the wind flowing under my skirt and the sensations are absolutely fantastic.

loverhumbapanties loverhumbapanties
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

yes i wish all males wore skirts that would really be heaven

That would be heaven. Skirts are so nice.

i agree 100 percent

I totally agree, I have always hated wearing pants and always will hate wearing pants, where as for skirts and dresses I have loved wearing them since 10 years old. I may have being born a boy, but turning myself into a girl I love it. I feel the freedom as a girl. As a girl I also love dating other girls. No one on this earth can tell me any different that boys are it, when I know how I feel that as a girl we rock. I love my girl friends and love how they feel in bed when we kiss, feel each other and ****.