I have this one friend for over 7 years.  She is extremely introverted and the hardest person to get to know.  She says "Be Careful" every time that we part with so much enthusiasm I feel she has foreseen my death in a dream or something.  I always say "Love ya" back.  "Be Careful" is a phrase for acquaintances, "Love ya" is for friends.  I have spent countless hours with her and had some great experiences.  I would still say that I know nothing of what goes on in her inner mind.  She guards her life details as if it was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I am the only friend that has ever been in her house and I have only been twice.  She has lived with her high school sweetheart for 15 years, but has boyfriends on the side that we are expected to treat as her "friend" and are never to discuss. She has had some massive trauma, but doesn't discuss it.  She is estranged from her family.  I hug her and I know she appreciates it even if she can't hug back.  I have been trying to get her to go to therapy for a few years now.  She started to go a few weeks ago out of the blue.  The difference is incredible.  She visited her mother and told her "I love you" for the first time since being an adult.   So anyway,  she picks me up to go to Bikram yesterday.  I get in the car and she touches my hand which she never does.  She then proceeds to tell me how thankful she is that she has me in her life, that she knows that it has been hard at times to be her friend all these years, and that I am her closest friend.    I was so taken by surprise I just said normal cliche things.  When she drops me off at home after class I say my normal "Love ya" as I get out of the car.  As I am closing the door I hear her say "I love you too".  The door closes and I just stand there and look up at the sky as she drives off.  I smile and think to myself that sometimes accepting people as they are and simply encouraging them to be the best they can be is enough.  It apparently was for her.

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good. this piece of your life make me think again toady after long time. the last lines. "accepting people as they are and simply encouraging them to be the best they can be is enough. that great. I'm one who was been rejected for being myself

very moving story...

That's a beautiful story, and you are both lucky to be friends with each other!

You sound like a wonderful friend! What a truly special experience you get to be a part of as you watch and feel her open up and allow her love to flow! I hope she's able to heal from her past trauma. Meditation might help her as well.

She is blessed to have a friend like you. :-) I am very happy for your friend. :-)

This is amazing encouraging experience for me. I also know how it feels when you give self to someone and you feel not much acceptance and just a wall around.7 years is a pretty long time and with your sheer will and pure love you have proved that love can win anything in the world. <br />
I have learnt something from this story and I hope I gonna win this battle too. I am amazing close to it and have faith that I would bring much happiness. Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

What a beautiful story. Loved it and thank you for sharing x

wow.Such a great story.It seems like you have made such a difference to her.Its sad to say a lot of people are only willing to love on their terms and don't really accept people just like they are.These steps she has taken are big ones.<br />
<br />
Charity<br />

I tell everyone I ever say goodbye to, to "drive safely", even if they're walking. =]Duh. But great story, very hopeful.

If it weren't for people having reached out to me, patiently and dilligently, for years, I would still be self-sequestered inside, with a book. Now, I surf.<br />
Transformation and growth need support and love.<br />

She's lucky to have you

thats a very uplifting story, got me cheerful already..!<br />
keep up the good work

This is the saving grace of love,, you truly understand love,,, thats the most anyone can ask for in this world,,, is a friend and person like you to give others your love.. this story has been a blessing to me today and for the rest of my life. thankyou ,, I have been underrstanding love more and more and only because i am like you i talk about love and always believe that i am love.

"I smile and think to myself that sometimes accepting people as they are and simply encouraging them to be the best they can be is enough. It apparently was for her."<br />
<br />
Not only is it enough, it is absolutely everything to someone who has never experienced it before in their lives! It may seem like no big deal, as you may be the type of person to do this naturally, but this kind of loving acceptance is rare. You are a good friend :)

hulahoop and friends, I agree! Very touching! Regaining hope for this world after all.

Awesome, u are an amazing person and friend. This story sounds like movie material, so touching. Wish there was more unconditional love in the world. thank you.

Thats such an amazing story! Good for you! I have a friend kind of like this, but not as extreme. She was really quiet, but i helped her come out of her shell, and now shes a lot more outgoing! Its a great feeling =)

Neat :D I dont even know her and I feel happy for her :D

This story is the only one I have had that made it into EP Must Reads. I like it too. She went out to dinner with a group of us on Saturday. The changes in her are so drastic that everyone comments and I enjoy just sitting and watching her interact. It makes me smile. :D

This is such a cool story! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy - in the good way, not in a 'Im wearing a jumper and I need to shave my legs' way.<br />
What a beautiful leasson to never give up on someone and the power of friendship.<br />
Hope you have fun sky diving ;)

Update to the Story: She is turning 30 in July. She just asked if I would go sky diving with her for her birthday. This is so out of character for her. I said no at first then I relented. I am now going sky diving in a few months, though this was an experience I swore never to have. Oy Vey

This is a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm glad your friends is doing better and feeling more comfortable.